Commit be5dd7a8 authored by Jesse Norell's avatar Jesse Norell

Update en_dns_soa.lng

parent b9a3ef48
......@@ -39,5 +39,5 @@ $wb['expire_range_error'] = 'Min. Expire time is 60 seconds.';
$wb['minimum_range_error'] = 'Min. Minimum time is 60 seconds.';
$wb['ttl_range_error'] = 'Min. TTL time is 60 seconds.';
$wb['error_not_allowed_server_id'] = 'The selected server is not allowed for this account.';
$wb['soa_cannot_be_changed_txt'] = 'Die Zone (SOA) kann nicht verändert werden. Bitte kontaktieren Sie ihren Administrator, um die Zone zu ändern.';
$wb['soa_cannot_be_changed_txt'] = 'The Zone (SOA) can not be changed. Please contact your administrator to change the administrative zone.';
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