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## Screenshots
![Alt text](/misc/admin_vue_1.png?raw=true =300x)
<img src="/misc/admin_vue_1.png" width="300px"">
![Alt text](/misc/admin_vue_2.png?raw=true "Vue 2")
![Alt text](/misc/admin_vue_3.png?raw=true "Vue 3")
![Alt text](/misc/graph_vue_1.png?raw=true "Vue 4")
<img src="/misc/admin_vue_1.png" width="400px">
<img src="/misc/admin_vue_2.png" width="400px">
<img src="/misc/admin_vue_3.png" width="400px">
<img src="/misc/graph_vue_1.png" width="400px">
## ToDo
- Admin function :
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