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      Only configure amavis when it's really installed. · e7516a1f
      Carsten authored
      configure_amavis() adds some extra lines to postfix's &
      which are not required and are leading to malfunction when amavis is not installed.
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      + complete SOA records · 38184e1e
      Carsten authored
       - refresh, retry, expire and minimum were missing in the SOA record which was/is OK
        because pdns has defaults for this, but this gives the user
        the full options which are configurable from the UI
      + drop/replaced pdns service reloads
       - the initscripts reload function was called which internally does 'pdns_control cycle',
        which is a quick service restart. This is no needed in pdns to
        load the new zone data. All updates are available without service reloads.
       - to be sure the zone data is really loaded 'pdns_control rediscover' is called
       - for pdns versions starting from 3 (DNSSEC) all zones must be rectified, implemented this using pdnssec.
      + send notify to slaves
       - implemented using pdns_control,
        this enables zone transfers to slaves (maybe this never worked before, because auf the service reloads)
        hint: use supermasters table on slave server for zone autodeployment, but you need an extra cleanup script
        for deleted zones for now
      + fetch Slave zone from master
       - call 'pdns_control retrieve <zone>' for new slave zones
      + added fix from FS#3121
      + code cleanup
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