Commit 3bd0d086 authored by Marius Burkard's avatar Marius Burkard
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Merge branch 'stable-3.1' of into stable-3.1

parents 0e3cf6f5 2e998b93
......@@ -748,10 +748,10 @@ class nginx_plugin {
$primitive_root = $df_output[1];
if($file_system == 'xfs') {
exec("xfs_quota -x -c 'limit -g bsoft=$mb_soft" . 'm'. " bhard=$mb_hard" . 'm'. " $username' $primitive_root");
exec("xfs_quota -x -c 'limit -u bsoft=$mb_soft" . 'm'. " bhard=$mb_hard" . 'm'. " $username' $primitive_root");
// xfs only supports timers globally, not per user.
exec("xfs_quota -x -c 'timer -bir -i 604800'");
exec("xfs_quota -x -c 'timer -bir -i 604800' $primitive_root");
unset($project_uid, $username_position, $xfs_projects);
unset($primitive_root, $df_output, $mb_hard, $mb_soft);
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