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Update installer_base.lib.php to change from ispserver.crt to $ssl_crt_file in the suggested fix.

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......@@ -2873,8 +2873,8 @@ class installer_base {
// Get subject and issuer of ispserver.crt to check if it is self-signed cert
if (file_exists($ssl_crt_file)) {
$crt_subject = exec(openssl x509 -in ispserver.crt -inform PEM -noout -subject);
$crt_issuer = exec(openssl x509 -in ispserver.crt -inform PEM -noout -issuer);
$crt_subject = exec("openssl x509 -in $ssl_crt_file -inform PEM -noout -subject");
$crt_issuer = exec("openssl x509 -in $ssl_crt_file -inform PEM -noout -issuer");
if ((@file_exists($ssl_crt_file) && ($crt_subject == $crt_issuer)) || (!@is_dir($acme_cert_dir) || !@file_exists($check_acme_file) || !@file_exists($ssl_crt_file) || md5_file($check_acme_file) != md5_file($ssl_crt_file)) && $ip_address_match == true) {
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