Commit ac3c7b1e authored by Falko Timme's avatar Falko Timme

- Fixed language string.

parent 7f814307
......@@ -64,7 +64,7 @@ $wb['customer_no_template_error_regex_txt'] = 'Die Kundennummer-Vorlage enthält
$wb['customer_no_start_txt'] = 'Kundennummer Startwert';
$wb['customer_no_counter_txt'] = 'Kundennummer Zähler';
$wb['session_timeout_txt'] = 'Session-Timeout (Minuten)';
$wb['session_allow_endless_txt'] = '\\"Eingeloggt bleiben\\" aktivieren';
$wb['session_allow_endless_txt'] = '"Eingeloggt bleiben" aktivieren';
$wb['No'] = 'Nein';
$wb['min_password_length_txt'] = 'Minimale Passwortlänge';
$wb['min_password_strength_txt'] = 'Minimale Passwortstärke';
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