Commit 49f26742 authored by tbrehm's avatar tbrehm

Fixed: FS#1592 - Reseller Limits: Typo

parent d5f0b3b8
......@@ -10,7 +10,7 @@ $wb["limit_fetchmail_txt"] = 'Max. number of fetchmail accounts';
$wb["limit_mailquota_txt"] = 'Mailbox quota';
$wb["limit_spamfilter_wblist_txt"] = 'Max. number of spamfilter white / blacklist filters';
$wb["limit_spamfilter_user_txt"] = 'Max. number of spamfilter users';
$wb["limit_spamfilter_policy_txt"] = 'Max. number of spamfilter policys';
$wb["limit_spamfilter_policy_txt"] = 'Max. number of spamfilter policies';
$wb["default_mailserver_txt"] = 'Default Mailserver';
$wb["company_name_txt"] = 'Company name';
$wb["contact_name_txt"] = 'Contact name';
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