Commit 312d7aa0 authored by Falko Timme's avatar Falko Timme

- Added $wb['conf_format_dateshort_human_readable'] variable (shows the human...

- Added $wb['conf_format_dateshort_human_readable'] variable (shows the human readable date format like "" or "yyyy-mm-dd" next to date fields so that one knows how to format the date) to global language files.
parent 8188e8dd
$wb['conf_format_dateshort'] = 'd.m.Y';
$wb['conf_format_dateshort_human_readable'] = "";
$wb['conf_format_datelong'] = 'l, d. F Y';
$wb['conf_format_timeshort'] = 'H:i';
$wb['conf_format_timelong'] = 'H:i:s';
$wb['conf_format_dateshort'] = "Y-m-d";
$wb['conf_format_dateshort_human_readable'] = "yyyy-mm-dd";
$wb['conf_format_datelong'] = "l dS of F Y";
$wb['conf_format_timeshort'] = "H:i";
$wb['conf_format_timelong'] = "H:i:s";
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