Commit 5fb83b57 authored by Falko Timme's avatar Falko Timme

- Modified German client language file.

parent c3f9ec40
......@@ -95,9 +95,9 @@ $wb['limit_dns_slave_zone_txt'] = 'Max. number of secondary DNS zones';
$wb['limit_webdav_user_txt'] = 'Max. number of Webdav users';
$wb['limit_webdav_user_error_notint'] = 'The webdav user limit must be a number.';
$wb['limit_dns_slave_zone_error_notint'] = 'The dns slave zone limit must be a number.';
$wb['customer_no_txt'] = 'Customer No.';
$wb['customer_no_txt'] = 'Kundennr.';
$wb['vat_id_txt'] = 'VAT ID';
$wb['required_fields_txt'] = '* Required fields';
$wb['required_fields_txt'] = '* Benötigte Felder';
$wb['limit_mailmailinglist_txt'] = 'Max. number of mailing lists';
$wb['limit_mailmailinglist_error_notint'] = 'The mailing list record limit must be a number.';
$wb['company_id_txt'] = 'Company/Entrepreneur ID';
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