Commit 92edaf22 authored by Marius Cramer's avatar Marius Cramer
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Merge branch 'fs3933' into 'master'

FS#3933 - Invalid sendmail "from" in php_fpm_pool.conf.master

Whitespace correction for sendmail "from" address in php_fpm_pool.conf.master

See merge request !216
parents 6360fdf4 7fd6585c
......@@ -36,9 +36,9 @@ env[TEMP] = <tmpl_var name='document_root'>/tmp
<tmpl_var name='enable_php_open_basedir'>php_admin_value[open_basedir] = <tmpl_var name='php_open_basedir'>
php_admin_value[session.save_path] = <tmpl_var name='document_root'>/tmp
php_admin_value[upload_tmp_dir] = <tmpl_var name='document_root'>/tmp
php_admin_value[sendmail_path] = "/usr/sbin/sendmail -t -i -fwebmaster@<tmpl_var name='domain'>"
php_admin_value[sendmail_path] = "/usr/sbin/sendmail -t -i -f webmaster@<tmpl_var name='domain'>"
<tmpl_loop name="custom_php_ini_settings">
<tmpl_var name='ini_setting'>
\ No newline at end of file
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