Commit 24936c29 authored by tbrehm's avatar tbrehm
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Fixed: Fatal error: Call to undefined method tform::checkOwnerPermisssions()...

Fixed: Fatal error:  Call to undefined method tform::checkOwnerPermisssions() in /usr/local/ispconfig/interface/lib/classes/ on line 60
parent 3b89fe0b
......@@ -57,7 +57,9 @@ class plugin_backuplist extends plugin_base {
//* check if the user is owner of the parent domain
$domain_backup = $app->db->queryOneRecord("SELECT parent_domain_id FROM web_backup WHERE backup_id = ".$backup_id);
$get_domain = $app->db->queryOneRecord("SELECT domain_id FROM web_domain WHERE domain_id = ".$app->functions->intval($domain_backup["parent_domain_id"])." AND ".$this->getAuthSQL('u'));
if(empty($get_domain) || !$get_domain) {
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