Commit bc34537b authored by Till Brehm's avatar Till Brehm

Merge branch 'stable-3.1' into 'stable-3.1'

Restore fpm_group owner-ship

See merge request ispconfig/ispconfig3!675
parents 5741ebce c6fb15ef
......@@ -2663,15 +2663,13 @@ class nginx_plugin {
} elseif(!file_exists($rh_file)) {
//OS seems to be not Red Hat'ish
$tpl->setVar('fpm_group', $web_config['group']);
$tpl->setVar('fpm_group', $data['new']['system_group']);
$tpl->setVar('fpm_listen_group', $web_config['group']);
// $tpl->setVar('fpm_group', $web_config['group']);
$tpl->setVar('fpm_listen_user', $data['new']['system_user']);
$tpl->setVar('fpm_listen_group', $web_config['group']);
$tpl->setVar('fpm_domain', $data['new']['domain']);
$tpl->setVar('pm', $data['new']['pm']);
$tpl->setVar('pm_max_children', $data['new']['pm_max_children']);
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