Commit e637b759 authored by Fabian Patrik's avatar Fabian Patrik

Fix stored xss when user import from zone file or dns template editor

parent 5008d8ce
......@@ -51,9 +51,9 @@ class page_action extends dns_page_action {
// Split the 3 parts of the SRV Record apart
$split = explode(' ', $this->dataRecord['data']);
$app->tpl->setVar('weight', $split[0]);
$app->tpl->setVar('port', $split[1]);
$app->tpl->setVar('target', $split[2]);
$app->tpl->setVar('weight', $split[0], true);
$app->tpl->setVar('port', $split[1], true);
$app->tpl->setVar('target', $split[2], true);
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