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$wb["custom_mailfilter_txt"] = 'Custom mail filter recipe';
$wb["email_txt"] = 'Email';
$wb["cryptpwd_txt"] = 'Password';
$wb["password_strength_txt"] = 'Password strength';
$wb["active_txt"] = 'Active';
$wb["email_error_isemail"] = 'Email address is invalid.';
$wb["email_error_unique"] = 'Duplicate Email address.';
$wb["autoresponder_text_txt"] = 'Text';
$wb["autoresponder_txt"] = 'Autoresponder';
$wb["no_domain_perm"] = 'You have no permission for this domain.';
$wb["error_no_pwd"] = 'Password is empty.';
$wb["quota_error_isint"] = 'Mailbox size must be a number.';
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$wb["quota_txt"] = 'Quota';
$wb["server_id_txt"] = 'Aerver_id';
$wb["password_txt"] = 'Password';
$wb["maildir_txt"] = 'Maildir';
$wb["postfix_txt"] = 'Enable Receiving';
$wb["access_txt"] = 'Enable Access';
$wb["policy_txt"] = 'Spamfilter';
$wb["no_policy"] = '- not enabled -';
$wb["limit_mailbox_txt"] = 'The max. number of mailboxes for your account is reached.';
$wb["limit_mailquota_txt"] = 'The max space for mailboxes is reached. The max. available space in MB is';
$wb["welcome_mail_fromname_txt"] = 'ISPConfig3';
$wb["welcome_mail_fromemail_txt"] = "webmaster@localhost.tld";
$wb["welcome_mail_subject"] = 'Welcome to your new email account.';
$wb["welcome_mail_message"] = "Welcome to your new email account. Your webmaster.";
$wb["disableimap_txt"] = 'Disable IMAP';
$wb["disablepop3_txt"] = 'Disable POP3';
$wb["duplicate_alias_or_forward_txt"] = 'There is already an alias or forwrd with this email address.';
$wb["quota_error_value"] = 'Invalid quota value. Allowed values are: 0 for unlimited or numbers > 1';