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    Merge branch 'reject_sender_login_mismatch' into 'master' · 85ffd16b
    Marius Cramer authored
    Reject sender login mismatch
    Included FS#3161: Reject sender login mismatch
    Feature added as checkbox on mail-server-config. If activated (default = 'n') outgoing mails are checked against existing mail_users and mail_forwarders(aliases).
    Additional added "prefetch" to dovecot-config-files to halve sql-queries (dovecot is able to fetch all userdb-queries already with passworddb-query -> if query does this, activate prefetch-driver, and with active prefetching, dovecot doesn't call database twice, when User loggs in -> this doesn't matter on small systems, but improves performance on large systems)
    See merge request !174
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