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Fixed #4440 Error in the template htm...

Fixed #4440 Error in the template htm /usr/local/ispconfig/interface/web/client/templates/client_template_edit_limits.htm
parent 06668980
......@@ -99,10 +99,9 @@ $wb['limit_domainmodule_txt'] = 'Domainmodule Limit';
$wb['client_limits_txt'] = 'Client Limits';
$wb['limit_database_quota_txt'] = 'Database quota';
$wb['limit_database_quota_error_notint'] = 'The database quota limit must be a number.';
$wb["xmpp_limits_txt"] = 'XMPP Limits';
$wb["xmpp_servers_txt"] = 'XMPP Servers';
$wb["xmpp_servers_placeholder"] = 'Select XMPP Servers';
$wb['xmpp_limits_txt'] = 'XMPP Limits';
$wb['xmpp_servers_txt'] = 'XMPP Servers';
$wb['xmpp_servers_placeholder'] = 'Select XMPP Servers';
$wb['no_xmpp_server_error'] = 'At least one XMPP Server must be selected.';
$wb['xmpp_servers_used'] = 'The server you are trying to remove from this client is used as a XMPP Server. Be sure that this server is not used by this client before you remove it.';
$wb['limit_xmpp_domain_error_notint'] = 'The XMPP domain limit must be a number.';
......@@ -116,12 +115,13 @@ $wb['limit_xmpp_anon_txt'] = 'Anonymous host available';
$wb['limit_xmpp_vjud_txt'] = 'VJUD user directory available';
$wb['limit_xmpp_proxy_txt'] = 'Bytestream proxy available';
$wb['limit_xmpp_status_txt'] = 'Status host available';
$wb["dns_servers_txt"] = 'DNS servers';
$wb['dns_servers_txt'] = 'DNS servers';
$wb['limit_directive_snippets_txt'] = 'Show web server config selection';
$wb['limit_database_user_txt'] = 'Max. Database users';
$wb["web_servers_txt"] = 'Webservers';
$wb["dns_servers_txt"] = 'DNS servers';
$wb["xmpp_servers_txt"] = 'XMPP Servers';
$wb["db_servers_txt"] = 'Database servers';
$wb["mail_servers_txt"] = 'Mailservers';
$wb['web_servers_txt'] = 'Webservers';
$wb['dns_servers_txt'] = 'DNS servers';
$wb['xmpp_servers_txt'] = 'XMPP Servers';
$wb['db_servers_txt'] = 'Database servers';
$wb['mail_servers_txt'] = 'Mailservers';
$wb['Limits'] = 'Limits';
......@@ -4,7 +4,7 @@
<p><tmpl_var name="list_desc_txt"></p>
<legend>{tmpl_var name="Limits"}</legend>
<div class="panel-group" id="accordion" role="tablist" aria-multiselectable="true">
<div class="panel panel-default">
......@@ -411,7 +411,7 @@
<div class="panel-heading" role="tab" id="headingClient">
<h4 class="panel-title">
<a class="collapsed" role="button" data-toggle="collapse" data-parent="#accordion" href="#collapseClient" aria-expanded="false" aria-controls="collapseClient">
{tmpl_var name='limit_client_txt'}
{tmpl_var name='client_limits_txt'}
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