Commit 1a6acb2a authored by Michael Seevogel's avatar Michael Seevogel
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clean up lng files

parent 761ddde9
$wb['list_head_txt'] = 'Histórico do log';
$wb['tstamp_txt'] = 'Data';
$wb['server_id_txt'] = 'Servidor';
$wb['dbtable_txt'] = 'Tabela do BD';
$wb['action_txt'] = 'Ação';
$wb['status_txt'] = 'Estado';
$wb['list_head_txt'] = 'Datalog History';
$wb['tstamp_txt'] = 'Date';
$wb['server_id_txt'] = 'Server';
$wb['dbtable_txt'] = 'Tabella DB';
$wb['action_txt'] = 'Azione';
$wb['status_txt'] = 'Stato';
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