Commit 3707cf6e authored by redray's avatar redray
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prefixed the ispconfig.vhost link with "000-". Now its the first vhost file to be loaded by apache.

parent ef49b7e5
......@@ -837,8 +837,8 @@ class installer_base {
//copy('tpl/apache_ispconfig.vhost.master', "$vhost_conf_dir/ispconfig.vhost");
//* and create the symlink
if($this->install_ispconfig_interface == true) {
if(!@is_link("$vhost_conf_enabled_dir/ispconfig.vhost")) {
exec("ln -s $vhost_conf_dir/ispconfig.vhost $vhost_conf_enabled_dir/ispconfig.vhost");
if(!@is_link("$vhost_conf_enabled_dir/000-ispconfig.vhost")) {
exec("ln -s $vhost_conf_dir/ispconfig.vhost $vhost_conf_enabled_dir/000-ispconfig.vhost");
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