Commit 5b70bc43 authored by Dominik's avatar Dominik
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optimized sql-query for greylisting-check

parent f665ce76
......@@ -854,10 +854,6 @@ class installer_base {
public function configure_postgrey() {
public function configure_saslauthd() {
global $conf;
user = {mysql_server_ispconfig_user}
password = {mysql_server_ispconfig_password}
dbname = {mysql_server_database}
query = SELECT DISTINCT('greylisting') FROM mail_forwarding mf, mail_user mu where (mf.source='%s' and mf.greylisting='y' and mf.server_id = {server_id}) or ('%s' and mu.greylisting='y' and mu.server_id = {server_id})
query = SELECT 'greylisting' FROM (SELECT greylisting, source AS email FROM mail_forwarding WHERE server_id = {server_id} UNION SELECT greylisting, email FROM mail_user WHERE server_id = {server_id}) addresses WHERE'%s' AND addresses.greylisting='y'
hosts = {mysql_server_ip}
\ No newline at end of file
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