Commit aee9d677 authored by Sergio's avatar Sergio
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fix changing domain name on mail_get records

parent 03aed0af
......@@ -92,7 +92,7 @@ class mail_mail_domain_plugin {
//* Update the mailget records
$mail_gets = $app->db->queryAllRecords("SELECT mailget_id FROM mail_get WHERE destination LIKE '%@".$app->db->quote($page_form->oldDataRecord['domain'])."'");
$mail_gets = $app->db->queryAllRecords("SELECT mailget_id, destination FROM mail_get WHERE destination LIKE '%@".$app->db->quote($page_form->oldDataRecord['domain'])."'");
if(is_array($mail_gets)) {
foreach($mail_gets as $rec) {
$destination = $app->db->quote(str_replace($page_form->oldDataRecord['domain'], $page_form->dataRecord['domain'], $rec['destination']));
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