Commit bca1af51 authored by Marius Cramer's avatar Marius Cramer

Added remoting function to get server ip

parent 9f1e9877
......@@ -60,6 +60,20 @@ class remoting_server extends remoting {
return $all;
//* Get server ips
public function server_ip_get($session_id, $primary_id)
global $app;
if(!$this->checkPerm($session_id, 'server_ip_get')) {
$this->server->fault('permission_denied', 'You do not have the permissions to access this function.');
return false;
return $app->remoting_lib->getDataRecord($primary_id);
//* Add a IP address record
public function server_ip_add($session_id, $client_id, $params)
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