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<html><head><title>ISPCOnfig 3 remote API documentation</title>
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<h1>monitor_jobqueue_count(<span class="var">$session_id</span>, <span class="var">$server_id = 0</span>);</h1>
<p class="headgrp">Description: </p>
<p class="margin"> Get the number of pending jobs from jobqueue.</p><br>
<p class="headgrp">Input Variables: </p>
<p class="margin"> <span class="var">$session_id</span>, <span class="var">$server_id</span></p>
<p class="headgrp">Parameters (in <span class="var">$params</span>): </p>
<p class="margin"> None</p>
<p class="headgrp">Output: </p>
<p class="margin"> Returns the number of pending jobs from jobqueue.</p>
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