Commit d63ceade authored by Florian Schaal's avatar Florian Schaal
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FS#3973 - dns-wizard

parent 61a4a721
......@@ -314,6 +314,7 @@ if($_POST['create'] == 1) {
$tpl_rows = explode("\n", $tpl_content);
$section = '';
$vars = array();
$dns_rr = array();
foreach($tpl_rows as $row) {
$row = trim($row);
  • mentioned in merge request !269 (merged)

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  • As @florian030 mentioned this patch I guess it should solve the issues with dns wizard? For me it is still not woring (master branch).

    I noticed that there is a label stating "DKIM enabled" but there is no checkbox behind or next to it. Probably that's the reason?

  • dkim enabled is just an information from the template. i just checked is with a fresh install and the wizard is working

    Edited by Florian Schaal
  • Ah! The ':' at the end makes one assume it's an option. that's strange... I'll check it again... probably I got an error in the database...

    Edited by ClanPartner (Alex)
  • Tried again with clean DB - sorry did work now (tested even with and including my branch/merge request for DNSSEC) So even DNSSEC is confirmed working once again :p

    Edited by ClanPartner (Alex)
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