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Dutch translation

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......@@ -34,5 +34,5 @@ $wb['username_error_collision'] = 'The username may not be web or web plus a num
$wb['client_not_admin_err'] = 'A user that belongs to a client can not be set to type: admin';
$wb['lost_password_function_txt'] = 'Forgot password function is available';
$wb['no_user_insert'] = 'CP-Users of type -user- get added and updated automatically when you add a client or reseller.';
$wb['otp_auth_txt'] = '2-Factor Authentication';
$wb['otp_auth_txt'] = 'Twee-factor authenticatie';
......@@ -32,12 +32,12 @@ $wb['pw_reset_act_mail_msg'] = 'Please confirm that your want to reset your ISPC
$wb['lost_password_function_wait_txt'] = 'You cannot request a new password, yet. Please wait a few minutes.';
$wb['lost_password_function_expired_txt'] = 'This activation link has expired. Please request a new one.';
$wb['lost_password_function_denied_txt'] = 'This activation link is not valid.';
$wb['otp_code_txt'] = 'Two Factor Authentication';
$wb['otp_code_txt'] = 'Twee-factor authenticatie';
$wb['otp_code_desc_txt'] = 'Enter the code you got from your authenticator app or via email.';
$wb['otp_code_placeholder_txt'] = 'OTP code';
$wb['otp_code_email_sent_txt'] = 'An email was sent to';
$wb['otp_code_email_subject_txt'] = 'ISPConfig Login authentication';
$wb['otp_code_email_template_txt'] = 'Your One time login code is %s' . PHP_EOL . 'This code is valid for 10 minutes.' . PHP_EOL;
$wb['otp_code_resend_txt'] = 'Request new code';
$wb['otp_code_email_sent_failed_txt'] = 'Failed sending an email to %s';
$wb['otp_code_email_sent_txt'] = 'Een email is verstuurd aan';
$wb['otp_code_email_subject_txt'] = 'ISPConfig Login authenticatie';
$wb['otp_code_email_template_txt'] = 'Uw eenmalige login code is %s' . PHP_EOL . 'Deze code is geldig voor 10 minuten.' . PHP_EOL;
$wb['otp_code_resend_txt'] = 'Aanvragen nieuwe code';
$wb['otp_code_email_sent_failed_txt'] = 'Verzenden van email naar %s is mislukt.';
......@@ -12,5 +12,5 @@ $wb['password_match_txt'] = 'The passwords do match.';
$wb['language_txt'] = 'Taal';
$wb['startmodule_txt'] = 'Startmodule';
$wb['app_theme_txt'] = 'Design';
$wb['otp_auth_txt'] = 'Two Factor Authentication';
$wb['otp_auth_txt'] = 'Twee-factor Authenticatie';
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