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Merge branch 'jnorell-develop-patch-07904' into 'develop'

Update rspamd_antivirus.conf.master:  don't skip virus scanning for text and image attachments.

See merge request ispconfig/ispconfig3!1495
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clamav {
# If set force this action if any virus is found (default unset: no action is forced)
#action = "reject";
# if `true` only messages with non-image attachments will be checked (default true)
# Scan mime_parts separately - otherwise the complete mail will be transferred to AV Scanner
scan_mime_parts = true;
# Scanning Text is suitable for some av scanner databases (e.g. Sanesecurity)
scan_text_mime = true;
scan_image_mime = true;
# If `max_size` is set, messages > n bytes in size are not scanned
#max_size = 20000000;
# symbol to add (add it to metric if you want non-zero weight)
......@@ -25,6 +28,10 @@ clamav {
# symbol_name = "pattern";
JUST_EICAR = "^Eicar-Test-Signature$";
patterns_fail {
# symbol_name = "pattern";
CLAM_PROTOCOL_ERROR = '^unhandled response';
# `whitelist` points to a map of IP addresses. Mail from these addresses is not scanned.
whitelist = "/etc/rspamd/antivirus.wl";
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