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Goaccess adjustments

Michael requested to merge ms217/ispconfig3:goaccess-adjustments into stable-3.1

This MR changes the following:

  • changed GoAccess DB dir from web/stats/.db to log/goaccess_db
    That way the DBs won't get deleted when stats type is set to none.
    Only problem is that the customer can't delete the DB files anymore. I've no experience so far how big the DBs can grow over time. From GoAccess 1.4 on there is a switch that allows to keep only a specific number of days in the DB files. Might be worth adding support for that in a future update, beside IP anonymization.
  • deliver goaindex.html as utf8 content (should work with Apache, NGINX untested)
  • set the GoAccess statistics to the language the customer has defined in ISPConfig

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