Commit 793394b5 authored by Marius Burkard's avatar Marius Burkard

- fixed invalid arguments for exec_safe on dkim

parent 8f135707
......@@ -54,8 +54,9 @@ if($type == 'create_dkim' && $domain_id != ''){
if ($dkim_strength=='') $dkim_strength = 2048;
$rnd_val = $dkim_strength * 10;
$app->system->exec_safe('openssl rand -out ../../temp/random-data.bin '.$rnd_val.' 2> /dev/null', $output, $result);
$app->system->exec_safe('openssl genrsa -rand ../../temp/random-data.bin '.$dkim_strength.' 2> /dev/null', $privkey, $result);
$app->system->exec_safe('openssl rand -out ../../temp/random-data.bin '.$rnd_val.' 2> /dev/null');
$app->system->exec_safe('openssl genrsa -rand ../../temp/random-data.bin '.$dkim_strength.' 2> /dev/null');
$privkey = $app->system->last_exec_out();
foreach($privkey as $values) $dkim_private=$dkim_private.$values."\n";
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