Commit bd90f4e9 authored by Till Brehm's avatar Till Brehm

Merge branch 'patch-5' into 'master'

Update pl_ftp_sites_stats_list.lng

See merge request !657
parents aecdc739 ccc2214f
$wb['list_head_txt'] = 'FTP traffic';
$wb['domain_txt'] = 'Domain';
$wb['this_month_txt'] = 'This month';
$wb['last_month_txt'] = 'Last month';
$wb['this_year_txt'] = 'This year';
$wb['last_year_txt'] = 'Last year';
$wb['sum_txt'] = 'Sum (Download + Upload)';
$wb['list_head_txt'] = 'ruch FTP';
$wb['domain_txt'] = 'Domena';
$wb['this_month_txt'] = 'Ten miesiąc';
$wb['last_month_txt'] = 'Ostatni miesiąc';
$wb['this_year_txt'] = 'Ten rok';
$wb['last_year_txt'] = 'Ostatni rok';
$wb['sum_txt'] = 'Suma (Download + Upload)';
$wb['in_out_txt'] = 'DL/UL';
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