Commit 9969b1bf authored by Kristián Feldsam's avatar Kristián Feldsam
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Update es_template.lng

parent 4a7a3806
...@@ -81,3 +81,13 @@ $wb['http_port_txt'] = 'Puerto HTTP'; ...@@ -81,3 +81,13 @@ $wb['http_port_txt'] = 'Puerto HTTP';
$wb['https_port_txt'] = 'Puerto HTTPS'; $wb['https_port_txt'] = 'Puerto HTTPS';
$wb['log_retention_txt'] = 'Logfiles retention time'; $wb['log_retention_txt'] = 'Logfiles retention time';
$wb['log_retention_error_regex'] = 'Retention time in days (allowed values: min. 0 - max. 9999)'; $wb['log_retention_error_regex'] = 'Retention time in days (allowed values: min. 0 - max. 9999)';
$wb["jailkit_chroot_app_sections_txt"] = 'Jailkit chroot app sections';
$wb["jailkit_chroot_app_programs_txt"] = 'Jailkit chrooted applications';
$wb["jailkit_chroot_app_sections_error_empty"] = 'Jailkit chroot app sections is empty.';
$wb["jailkit_chroot_app_programs_error_empty"] = 'Jailkit chrooted applications is empty.';
$wb['jailkit_chroot_app_sections_error_regex'] = 'Invalid jaikit chroot sections.';
$wb['jailkit_chroot_app_programs_error_regex'] = 'Invalid jaikit chroot app programs.';
$wb['tooltip_jailkit_chroot_app_sections_txt'] = 'When empty, uses Jailkit chroot app sections from Server Config';
$wb['tooltip_jailkit_chroot_app_programs_txt'] = 'When empty, uses Jailkit chroot applications from Server Config';
$wb['delete_unused_jailkit_txt'] = 'Delete unused jailkit chroot';
$wb['tooltip_delete_unused_jailkit_txt'] = 'Delete the jailkit chroot environment when there are no shell users or cron jobs which require it.';
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