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- ISPConfig 3 ToDo list
Please feel free to edit this file, add new tasks,
remove done tasks or assign yourself to a task.
- Add a cronjob that runs the script server/cron_daily.php once every
night during installation to the root crontab.
- Add a backend plugin to configure network card settings. The IP address settings
are stored in the server_ip table.
Mail module
- Show mail statistics in the interface. the mail statistics are stored
in the database table mail_traffic and are collected by the file
DNS module
- Add some kind of whizard to create DNS records easily. The idea is to have some
kind of template(s) to create all needed A and MX records defined in the template
with one click and the user has just to enter IP, domain, nameserver and select the
template that he wants to use.
Administration module
- Add a firewall configuration form. Any suggestions for a good firewall
script that runs on many linux distributions, or shall we stay with bastille
firewall thet is used in ISPConfig 2?
Clients module
- Add the ability that Clients can add clients (Reseller functionality)
Task assigned to: Till
Sites (web) module
- Add a function to the Sites module to create SSL certificates or upload
existing SSL certs and SSL chain files. It might be a good idea to add
this as a new tab named "SSL" to the exiting domain settings form.
- Add a "httpd includes" field to the options tab of the domain settings form
like it is implemented in ISPConfig 2.
BE-Designer module
WARNING: Please do not use the BE Designer at the moment, the serializing function
of the module editor may break some of the existing modules.
General tasks
- Add, extend or modify comments in PEAR syntax so that they can be read with phpdocumentor.
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