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Example with settings commented out

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Example local config. Here you can add your own custom
settings to override the defaults. These will also be
protected from updates.
$conf['app_title'] = "My Web Hosting";
$conf['app_version'] = "2.0";
$conf['app_link'] = '';
$conf['modules_available'] = 'dashboard,admin,mail,sites,monitor,client,dns,help';
$conf['interface_modules_enabled'] = 'dashboard,mail,sites,dns,tools';
$conf['software_updates_enabled'] = false;
$conf['theme'] = 'mycustom_theme'; // Must be installed.
$conf['logo'] = 'themes/default/images/ispc_logo.png';
$conf['language'] = 'en';
$conf['interface_logout_url'] = '';
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