Commit e5ac71ee authored by Florian Schaal's avatar Florian Schaal

fixed resync for db-users

parent 412fe889
......@@ -466,7 +466,7 @@ class page_action extends tform_actions {
//* database
if(isset($this->dataRecord['resync_db']) && $this->dataRecord['resync_db'] == 1) {
$msg .= $this->do_resync('web_database_user', 'database_user_id', 'db', $this->dataRecord['db_server_id'], 'database_user', $app->tform->wordbook['do_db_user_txt']);
$msg .= $this->do_resync('web_database_user', 'database_user_id', 'db', $this->dataRecord['db_server_id'], 'database_user', $app->tform->wordbook['do_db_user_txt'], false);
$msg .= $this->do_resync('web_database', 'database_id', 'db', $this->dataRecord['db_server_id'], 'database_name', $app->tform->wordbook['do_db_txt']);
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