Commit 6d16621b authored by Thom's avatar Thom 🛠 Committed by Jesse Norell
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......@@ -10,4 +10,4 @@ $function_list['client_get_id,login,logout,mail_alias_get,mail_fetchmail_add,mai
# functions used by ispc_acmeproxy:
$function_list['client_get_by_username,client_get_id,dns_zone_get,dns_zone_get_by_user,dns_zone_update,dns_txt_add,dns_txt_get,dns_txt_delete'] = 'ISPC acme proxy functions';
$function_list['client_get_by_username,client_get_id,dns_zone_get,dns_zone_get_by_user,dns_zone_update,dns_txt_add,dns_txt_get,dns_txt_delete'] = 'ISPConfig module: acme proxy functions';
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