Commit 60c680fa authored by Marius Burkard's avatar Marius Burkard
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Merge branch '6089-update-php-removes-_rspamd-from-redis-group' into 'develop'

Resolve "update.php removes _rspamd from redis group"

Closes #6089

See merge request ispconfig/ispconfig3!1427
parents c129ac06 cc843666
......@@ -1793,9 +1793,9 @@ class installer_base {
if(is_user('_rspamd') && is_group('amavis')) {
exec("usermod -G amavis _rspamd");
exec("usermod -a -G amavis _rspamd");
} elseif(is_user('rspamd') && is_group('amavis')) {
exec("usermod -G amavis rspamd");
exec("usermod -a -G amavis rspamd");
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