Commit c8b6f257 authored by Till Brehm's avatar Till Brehm
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Fixed installer warning: postconf: warning: unmatched request: "maildrop.unix"

parent 7ee3e451
......@@ -1050,7 +1050,7 @@ class installer_base {
$regex = "/^maildrop unix.*pipe flags=DRhu user=vmail argv=\\/usr\\/bin\\/maildrop -d ".$cf['vmail_username']." \\$\{extension} \\$\{recipient} \\$\{user} \\$\{nexthop} \\$\{sender}/";
$configfile = $config_dir.'/';
if($this->get_postfix_service('maildrop', 'unix')) {
exec ("postconf -M maildrop.unix &> /dev/null", $out, $ret);
exec ("postconf -M maildrop.unix 2> /dev/null", $out, $ret);
$change_maildrop_flags = @(preg_match($regex, $out[0]) && $out[0] !='')?false:true;
} else {
$change_maildrop_flags = @(preg_match($regex, $configfile))?false:true;
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