Commit c108c22c authored by Till Brehm's avatar Till Brehm

Merge branch 'stable-3.0.5' into 'stable-3.0.5'

Fix notification mail template header-body splitting

Since file() doesn't remove "\n" from the lines read the condition
`$lines[$l] == ''` never evaluated to true.
So $mailHeaders would always contain every line from the template while
$mailBody contained none of them.

Together with the bugfix of PHP#68776 [1] disallowing multiple "\n"'s &
preceding "\n" in mail()'s $additionalHeaders arg this caused mails not
being sent because $mailHeaders would include at least one "\n\n" which
was meant to separate the mail headers from the body.


See merge request !231
parents 14148027 2110eb58
......@@ -670,7 +670,7 @@ function send_notification_email($template, $placeholders, $recipients) {
$mailSubject = '';
$inHeader = true;
for($l = 0; $l < count($lines); $l++) {
if($lines[$l] == '') {
if(trim($lines[$l]) == '') {
$inHeader = false;
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