Commit f8e7155e authored by Till Brehm's avatar Till Brehm
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Merge branch '580-dev' into 'develop'

Use port variables instead of hardcoded port (Backport of !580)

See merge request !1155
parents 7e29967b ba24a96e
......@@ -338,15 +338,15 @@ server {
<tmpl_loop name="redirects">
server {
listen <tmpl_var name='ip_address'>:80;
listen <tmpl_var name='ip_address'>:<tmpl_var name='http_port'>;
<tmpl_if name='ipv6_enabled'>
listen [<tmpl_var name='ipv6_address'>]:80;
listen [<tmpl_var name='ipv6_address'>]:<tmpl_var name='http_port'>;
<tmpl_if name='ssl_enabled'>
listen <tmpl_var name='ip_address'>:443 ssl;
listen <tmpl_var name='ip_address'>:<tmpl_var name='https_port'> ssl;
<tmpl_if name='ipv6_enabled'>
listen [<tmpl_var name='ipv6_address'>]:443 ssl;
listen [<tmpl_var name='ipv6_address'>]:<tmpl_var name='https_port'> ssl;
ssl_certificate <tmpl_var name='ssl_crt_file'>;
ssl_certificate_key <tmpl_var name='ssl_key_file'>;
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