Commit 708631d7 authored by Till Brehm's avatar Till Brehm
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Merge branch 'patch-1' into 'master'

Change height select email domain in mail_user_mailbox_edit.htm

See merge request ispconfig/ispconfig3!899
parents e0805b6b dddad2fe
......@@ -16,7 +16,7 @@
<input type="text" id="email_local_part" name="email_local_part" value="{tmpl_var name='email_local_part'}" class="form-control" />
<span class='input-group-addon'>@</span>
<div class='input-group-field'>
<select name="email_domain" id="email_domain" class="form-control" style="height:50px;min-width:170px;">{tmpl_var name='email_domain'}</select>
<select name="email_domain" id="email_domain" class="form-control" style="height:34px;min-width:170px;">{tmpl_var name='email_domain'}</select>
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