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  1. Jun 08, 2008
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      cleanup. · 56a2d596
      tbrehm authored
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      Modified install / update to copy over jailkit configs · 61d290c1
      daniel authored
      Included jailkit config templates
      Added bash.bashrc and motd templates to copy over for for chroot system
      Updated ispconfig vhost to include php fastcgi configs if fastcgi is enabled. What if the module is loaded too ?
      TODO: jailkit chroot is still not loading the modified motd in /etc/motd and /var/run/motd ??
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      Updated installer to not ask for fastcgi support. · a014c2c4
      daniel authored
      Added fastcgi support by default into the ISPConfig vhost.
      Copies over the fastcgi starter script into /usr/local/ispconfig/interface/bin/
  2. Jun 06, 2008
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      Added initial jailkit chroot feature as a plugin · 6a95c89e
      daniel authored
      Added chroot options to the shell user form
      Added jailkit ini settings
      Added ini settings for fastcgi
      Fixed bug with web delete not removing parent web user unless that was intentional ?
      Changed name of shell user plugin so plugin order calls this first
      Started a change to the update script.
      TODO: Fix problem with jailkit chroot users logging into parent web user's directory. Fixup bash command prompt to display the correct user somehow because they all share the same id. 
      Fixup install / update script so the fastcgi script and directory is created for the ispconfig site on setup / update. Can't work out how to get to the templating system to generate the script from. 
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