Commit 036579b9 authored by vogelor's avatar vogelor
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fixed a bug in openbasedir (hopefully the last time)

parent 21f4ec10
......@@ -573,7 +573,10 @@ class apache2_plugin {
$cgi_tpl = new tpl();
$cgi_tpl->setVar('open_basedir', "/var/www/" . $data["new"]["domain"]);
// This works, because php "rewrites" a symlink to the physical path
$cgi_tpl->setVar('open_basedir', $data["new"]["document_root"]);
// This will NOT work!
//$cgi_tpl->setVar('open_basedir', "/var/www/" . $data["new"]["domain"]);
$cgi_starter_script = escapeshellcmd($cgi_starter_path.$cgi_config["cgi_starter_script"]);
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