Commit 12c2a9e2 authored by Marius Cramer's avatar Marius Cramer
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Fixes: FS#3610 - The optional wrning message on form tab change is not showing up when activated

parent 308c18aa
......@@ -48,8 +48,8 @@
jQuery('.ttip').tipsy({live: true, gravity: 'ne', html: true});
tabChangeDiscard = '<tmpl_var name="tabchange_discard_enabled>';
tabChangeWarning = '<tmpl_var name="tabchange_warning_enabled>';
tabChangeDiscard = '<tmpl_var name="tabchange_discard_enabled">';
tabChangeWarning = '<tmpl_var name="tabchange_warning_enabled">';
tabChangeWarningTxt = '<tmpl_var name="global_tabchange_warning_txt">';
tabChangeDiscardTxt = '<tmpl_var name="global_tabchange_discard_txt">';
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