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......@@ -8,13 +8,10 @@ remove done tasks or assign yourself to a task.
Form Validators
ISIPV4 does a manual check, PHP5 now has FILTER_VALIDATE_IP, FILTER_FLAG_IPV4 which may be better.
There also will be a time to add ISIPV6 or ISIPADDR to validate for IPv6 or both
- Load and update system config from file into sql database during installation.
- Add a function to let a server join a existing installation.
......@@ -32,33 +29,41 @@ Mail module
- Show mail statistics in the interface. The mail statistics are stored
in the database table mail_traffic and are collected by the file
- Show mail quota usage in the interface. This is started for Dovecot and
requires testing
-- Functional on Debian Squeeze with newer Dovecot 2011-06-28
-- Needs more cross platform support
-- For Courier this works but not Dovecot. Maybe the intention needs
reviewed as some clients think this should be the number of emails
and not the size of the emails. (I agree that size is important)
Administration module
- Add a firewall configuration form. Any suggestions for a good firewall
script that runs on many Linux distributions, or shall we stay with Bastille
firewall that is used in ISPConfig 2?
-- There are a few options here. Some are already started. I (lathama) would
like to look at a pure IPTables (firewall_iptables) which can allow for
other modules.
-- Note: make sure to not interupt fail2ban
- Firewall Solution -- Andrew lathama Latham
* Monitor existing IPTABLES rules is done and in the monitor page.
* Add IPTABLES rules
semi-functional and in development also functional in multiserver
* Delete IPTABLES rules
semi-functional and in development also functional in multiserver
* Merge IPTABLES rules made from the CLI with those made from ISPConfig3
Interesting topic about merging control with with the GUI and the CLI
interface for a systems adminitstrator who might add a rule during an
attack or for trouble shooting and forget to remove it.
* Fail2Ban
Add configuration for fail2ban on certian systems. Imagine an admin
wishes to use fail2ban on one service but not others. Rare but an issue
when a large number of clients use a single NAT for all users and failed
logins and traffic looks like an attack. Maybe a whitelist configuration
as an optional setting.
* Remoting
Enable remoting hooks for updating IPTABLES
* Service Checks
Adding saftey checks to make sure that the admin does not lock his/herself
out of the system by accident. We all make mistakes.
-- Note: I'd love a pure iptables firewall as well. I've made such a script for
my work, which uses a simple config file to open/close ports and support for
ip exclusions. I think we could use it as a base to start with, it's up on the dev forum
url: (Mark_NL)
--- The complete PHP IPTables script is currently working on my test platform.
I am developing a wizard and a method of reporting if the rules in the database
and the running rules do not match. This is taking a lot of effort to effectivly
"bend over backwards" to allow both the ISPConfig admin and the system admin
to work with the rules. This will work with all distros and most any version.
Most of the code is in trunk now.
Clients module
......@@ -67,11 +72,6 @@ Clients module
Sites (web) module
- Add a function to the Sites module to create SSL certificates or upload
existing SSL certs and SSL chain files. It might be a good idea to add
this as a new tab named "SSL" to the exiting domain settings form.
-- This exists to some extent, review
- Make sure that changes in the domain name do not break the configuration.
......@@ -93,13 +93,6 @@ Interface
- Enhance the list function to allow sorting by column
- Enhance the paging in lists (e.g. like this: [1 2 3 4 ... 10])
- Use graphical Icons in the lists for on / off columns.
CSS icons are also an option. lathama 2011
- Add a graphical delete button to the lists.
CSS icons are also an option. lathama 2011
General tasks
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