Commit 4d7cbc6f authored by latham's avatar latham
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spanish language update

parent 6ef2d9cb
......@@ -3,5 +3,5 @@ $wb['User Settings'] = 'Configuraciones del usuario';
$wb['Settings'] = 'Configuraciones';
$wb['ISPConfig Tools'] = 'Herramientas ISPConfig';
$wb['Password and Language'] = 'Contraseña e Idioma';
$wb['ispconfig_tools_note'] = 'This module allows you to change the password and language and to start a resync of the DNS records.';
$wb['ispconfig_tools_note'] = 'Este módulo le permite cambiar la contraseña y el idioma y para iniciar una resincronización de los registros de DNS.';
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