Commit 52534d89 authored by latham's avatar latham
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Missing languge entry for server config menu.

parent a28e2e80
......@@ -149,4 +149,5 @@ $wb['do_not_try_rescue_mail_txt'] = 'Disable Email monitoring';
$wb['rescue_description_txt'] = '<b>Information:</b> If you want to shut down mysql you have to select the Disable MySQL monitor checkbox and then wait 2-3 minutes.<br>if you do not wait 2-3 minutes, rescue will try to restart mysql!';
$wb['enable_sni_txt'] = 'Enable SNI';
$wb['do_not_try_rescue_httpd_txt'] = 'Disable HTTPD monitoring';
$wb["realtime_blackhole_list_txt"] = 'Real-time Blackhole List';
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