Commit a86d74a3 authored by Till Brehm's avatar Till Brehm
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Fixed: FS#3244 - email_error error message disaplyed for password reset feaature

parent f012fe15
......@@ -7,13 +7,11 @@ $wb['pass_reset_txt'] = 'A new password will be generated and send to your
$wb['pw_reset'] = 'The password has been reset and send to your email address.';
$wb['pw_error'] = 'Username or email address does not match.';
$wb['pw_error_noinput'] = 'Please enter email address and username.';
$wb['pw_reset_mail_msg'] = 'The password to your ISPConfig 3 control panel account has been reset. The new password is: ';
$wb['pw_reset_mail_title'] = 'ISPConfig 3 Control panel password has been reset.';
$wb['user_regex_error'] = 'Username contains unallowed characters or is longer than 64 characters.';
$wb['pw_error_length'] = 'The password length is > 64 characters.';
$wb['email_error'] = 'Email contains unallowed characters or has a invalid format.';
$wb['login_txt'] = "Login";
$wb['username_txt'] = "Username";
$wb['password_txt'] = "Password";
......@@ -23,9 +21,7 @@ $wb['pw_reset_txt'] = "Password reset";
$wb['pw_button_txt'] = "Resend password";
$wb['email_txt'] = "Email";
$wb['back_txt'] = 'Back';
$wb['error_maintenance_mode'] = 'This ISPConfig installation is currently under maintenance. We should be back shortly. Thank you for your patience.';
$wb['theme_not_compatible'] = 'The chosen theme is not compatible with the current ISPConfig version. Please check for a new version of the theme.<br />The default theme as been activated automatically.';
$wb['stay_logged_in_txt'] = 'Keep me logged in';
\ No newline at end of file
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