Commit b349c0bd authored by tbrehm's avatar tbrehm
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Removed debug code from

parent b8fe562e
......@@ -1341,11 +1341,11 @@ class remoting {
$data = $app->db->queryOneRecord("SELECT server_id FROM ftp_user WHERE username = '".$app->db->quote($ftp_user)."'");
file_put_contents('/tmp/test.txt', serialize($data));
//file_put_contents('/tmp/test.txt', serialize($data));
if(!isset($data['server_id'])) return false;
$server = $this->server_get($session_id, $data['server_id'], 'server');
file_put_contents('/tmp/test2.txt', serialize($server));
//file_put_contents('/tmp/test2.txt', serialize($server));
return $server;
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