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added title for client/client_messages

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$wb["page_head_txt"] = 'Kundenbenachrichtigung versenden';
$wb["btn_send_txt"] = 'Absenden';
$wb["btn_cancel_txt"] = 'Abbrechen';
$wb["sender_txt"] = 'Absender-E-Mail-Adresse';
$wb["page_head_txt"] = 'Send customer information';
$wb["btn_send_txt"] = 'Send email';
$wb["btn_cancel_txt"] = 'Cancel';
$wb["sender_txt"] = 'Sender email address';
<h2><tmpl_var name="list_head_txt"></h2>
<h2><tmpl_var name="page_head_txt"></h2>
<p><tmpl_var name="form_desc_txt"></p>
<div class="panel panel_client">
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