Commit e6c83e73 authored by Marius Burkard's avatar Marius Burkard
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- Fixed database quota (Fixes #3766 and #3765)

parent 5512af5b
......@@ -554,21 +554,24 @@ class db extends mysqli
public function getDatabaseSize($database_name) {
global $app;
include 'lib/mysql_clientdb.conf';
/* Connect to the database */
$link = mysqli_connect($clientdb_host, $clientdb_user, $clientdb_password);
if (!$link) {
$app->log('Unable to connect to the database'.mysqli_connect_error(), LOGLEVEL_DEBUG);
/* Get database-size from information_schema */
$result=mysqli_query("SELECT SUM(data_length+index_length) FROM information_schema.TABLES WHERE table_schema='".mysqli_real_escape_string($database_name)."';", $link);
if (!$result) {
$app->log('Unable to get the database-size'.mysqli_error($link), LOGLEVEL_DEBUG);
$result = mysqli_query($link, "SELECT SUM(data_length+index_length) FROM information_schema.TABLES WHERE table_schema='".mysqli_real_escape_string($link, $database_name)."'");
if(!$result) {
$app->log('Unable to get the database-size for ' . $database_name . ': '.mysqli_error($link), LOGLEVEL_DEBUG);
$database_size = mysqli_fetch_row($result);
return $database_size[0];
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