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  1. Jan 19, 2014
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      Problem with checkbox not visible fixed · 185457e9
      Dominik authored
      additionsl configuration-changes when update -> use lmtp instead of dovecot directly
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      Mailbox quota can now be included into website quota (FS#3297) · 0e2978ef
      Dominik authored
      Feature can be activated over admin mailserver settings. when activated websites uid is used instead of standard vmail-uid. this only takes effect if web and mailserver are on the same server, otherwise it will be old behaviour. switching this setting when mailboxes exist doesn't matter. Mailboxfolder will be created with website uid for this. access of postfix and dovecot now works over mysql-table mail_user. virtual_uid_maps is changed from static to mysql-table. for dovecot<->postfix communication protocoll is changed vrom lda to lmtp. disablelmtp-column is added to mail_user-table. uid and gid can be overwritten by remoting.
      ONE OPEN ISSUE: since remoting has completly changed and mail_user_add function is missing at the moment, this function now was inclulded again. it is important to add the both new lines to the future function and then remove this new one.
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