Commit 5a428535 authored by RKolodziejczxyk's avatar RKolodziejczxyk
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Fixing error in CSR (by disabling challenge phrase) when creating using ispConfig:
You have 1 error
Your CSR contains a challenge phrase.
Adding a challenge phrase to a CSR is not a secure practice. Please generate a new CSR that does not contain a challenge phrase.

The problem occure while buying a cert from
The support reply with:
"Please regenerate it without the passphrase and try to activate the certificate once again."
parent e9d5c95a
......@@ -283,7 +283,7 @@ class apache2_plugin {
emailAddress = webmaster@".$data['new']['domain']."
[ req_attributes ]
challengePassword = A challenge password";
";//challengePassword = A challenge password";
$ssl_cnf_file = $ssl_dir.'/openssl.conf';
$app->system->file_put_contents($ssl_cnf_file, $ssl_cnf);
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